Our Story

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Since childhood, Brittany Rowan’s mother made her aware of the dangers of sun exposure and the longterm affect it has on our skin. Brittany grew up playing competitive tennis in her hometown of Saint Louis and of all the things her mother advised on, sun protection was one she carefully lived by and eventually learned from, after having a skin cancer scare in her adolescent years.

College was when Brittany learned she could possess a tan without exposing her skin to the sun and quickly became a fan of spray tanning, back when the dye would stain her clothes and her skin would often be less brown and more (lots more) orange. Years later, the airbrush tanning idustry has significantly evolved, as have the products and techniques.

After eight years traveling around the world, producing large-scale, corporate events for Fortune clients, Brittany founded Glow Girl. Departure from her twenties lead to a passion for the health and beauty industry, obsessing over sheet masks, skin-care products, and the occassional injection. More than anything, she enjoys building relationships with her clients, chatting about the best serums, and educating them on the long-term benefits of protecting their skin.

Brittany is the president of Denver non-profit, Rocky Mountain Alliance Children’s Foundation, a contributor for Denver Style Magazine, and an Ambassador for Bumble.